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Logistics Information – Checklist

Number and types of vehicles: lengths, weights and capacities, i.e. Trucks/Sizes

What compliance or regulatory certificates or licenses does the company hold?

Do you use Internal Resources (employees/drivers & trucks owned by the company) or outsourced drivers and equipment?

Do you broker loads or process all shipments internally?

What modes of transport do you provide: i.e. intermodal, ground, air, courier

For each mode, are you able to handle the entire shipping & logistics process

Do you have central dispatch? Where is central dispatch located?

Do you have regional Reps? Who will be our point of contact?

Do reps generate quotes or is this a centralized function?

Are you a member of any trade associations or freight forwarding networks?

What additional services can you provide including insurance, expediting, warehousing, site services, relocations, etc.

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