Laptop Recycling from Experts – Most Ethical Choice for You


Are you going to shift your office to a new location? Would you like to dispose of old and unused laptops in an ethical way? Get in touch with experts for laptop recycling in Texas

VH Techworks is the trusted and authorized company for recycling e-waste in Texas location. We recycle every single IT item in a most convenient and reliable way. We utilize proprietary processes to recycle waste material, re-engineer them into new products of better quality and introducing them back into the life, further reducing the number of landfills and polluted water from unnecessary waste and dumping.


Electronic equipment is a growing concern for IT company owners since the US Environmental Protection Agency tagged e-waste as a major cause of pollution in the municipal waste stream. Companies can face huge fines as well as huge damage to reputation if they don’t recycle their unused IT asset in a proper and responsible way. We at VH Techworks, work deliberately to manage, dispose and refurbish electronic waste in a most eco-friendly way. We help business and individual to dispose of electronics in a way that is safe environmentally responsible and in compliance with industry standards for laptop recycling in Texas location.


We provide a safe, quick and affordable laptop recycling in Texas; VH Techworks go one step ahead to make sure your laptop recycling in Texas is done properly. We provide reliable pick-up and drop-off facility of computers, mobile phones, printers, copiers, servers, networks and more. Our recycling service is designed to simplify all of your recycling needs. Take a look of a complete list of items we accept. If we miss anything, feel free to add to your list with confirmation from our expert.


We have got your business covered! Feel free to consult for any electronic waste recycling in Texas, IT asset disposition, scrap purchase and remarketing. We are always available at 469-213-7625, email to