Electronics Recycling In Waco


For organizations who want to control their inventory by decommissioning the old and wasted electronics equipment, must contact VH Techworks. It’s been almost 5 years; we are offering professional electronics recycling services in Waco and other areas of Texas. Through Enterprise Asset Disposition techniques, we dismantle the used electronics devices, destroy the confidential information, and then re-deploy the crushed pieces for the sake of recycling.Disposing sensitive data from the old electronic devices is essential for both businesses and individuals. However, it’s not an easy task, as deleting the data only doesn’t remove them permanently. We at VH Techworks use advanced disk sanitization methods for destroying the data as per the HIPAA standards. Before dismantling the electronics devices, we ensure that all the confidential data are completely removed and they can’t be restored.

According to EPA stats, only 25% of electronics devices are recycled properly, and the rest is disposed carelessly into the garbage. This develops high amount of hazardous toxins to the atmosphere and greatly pollutes the environment. At VH Techworks, we understand the need for electronics recycling services in Waco, and accordingly, offer certified IT asset disposition as well as recycling solutions.

Being a reputed electronics recycling center in Waco, we have a dedicated team of technicians to understand the requirements of our customers. Upon request, our team will arrive at your location and will initiate the inspection of electronics equipment. The first phase of the electronic recycling process involves auditing & reporting. If you want to sell the scraps, our technicians will provide you with an estimate report, or else we will grant your waste for free recycling.

The second phase represents data disposition. Once all the data are removed permanently, our professionals will crush the devices instantly on the site to ensure proper destruction of the electronics items. The third phase of the recycling process is the collection and transportation of dismantled pieces to our warehouse. With the help of advanced recycling technology, we re-configure the electronic piece and make it ready for remarketing.

The entire process of Waco electronics recycling is straightforward and involves no hassle. Just give us a call at 469-213-7625 and let us dispose your confidential data and recycle your device. For more information, feel free to write us at info@vhtechworks.us.