Recycling Electronic Waste in San Antonio


As a leading electronic waste company, VH Techworks offers electronic recycling in San Antonio for all types and size of e-waste. We collect and recycle electronic equipment from companies and protect our environment from hazardous chemical discharge and toxic electronic scrap. We are fully legalized and verified to conduct recycling processes; none of our recycling processes will degrade the industry standards confirmed by US governmental organization for controlling e-waste and landfill. 

We understand how difficult it is to manage with electronic waste obtained during shifting an office or upgrading the old systems. There are several things associated with it such as disposal, dislocation, sell and electronic recycling in San Antonio; we are a pioneer at rendering excellent service. VH Techworks provides an end-to-end e-waste management solution to multi-national companies, corporate, individuals and other entities those who are willing to discard their e-waste in an eco-friendly manner.


At VH Techworks, we work dedicatedly to develop trust, integrity and security in service. Providing personalized support service to all clients is our biggest achievement. We are highly professional in services; the level of workmanship says it all about us.  Look into our customer list; we have fresh and repeated customers from Dallas and other regions for IT asset disposition, scrap purchasing, remarketing and electronic recycling in San Antonio.  We purchase almost all types and sizes of electronic waste and refurbish them to make it ready. You would have never earned revenue from scrap, but VH Techworks can do the same for you.


With years of expertise and team of experienced, we hardly failed in any project. Our clients keep coming back to us because we maximize their value of recovery with our customized, cost-effective, environment friendly and sustainable operations.


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