Electronic Recycling in Forth Worth – Expert E-Waste Recycling Services


Want to safeguard your environment from electronic waste? Are you searching for a licensed agency for electronic recycling in Fort Worth? Look for no one, other than VH Techworks; we are completely trusted and verified company for recycling electronic waste disposed of IT companies. We have been into business for four years, providing full-services IT & Asset disposition, electronics recycling, scrap purchasing, provider of compliant security, and data disposition & destruction.

Dealing with electronic waste while upgrading old IT department can be troublesome for many owners. A surplus amount of electronic waste comes out, making it difficult for the owner to do the shifting. At that time, VH Techworks electronic recycling in Fort Worth can come in handy. We purchase and recycle electronic products, we provide the operational expertise and processes to test, clean, audit and refurbish equipment to make it market ready. List any of your e-waste and plastic scarps to our website such as cellphone handsets, whole computers and laptops, to individual components and get actual value for it.

VH Techworks is your trusted electronic recycler. We have been in electronic recycling in Fort Worth for past four years. Our clients are predominately from all around the Dallas region; we do have many national clients also.  From recycling to destruction, IT Asset disposition to remarket, we are leading in the competitive markets. Thanks to all clients who have trusted us for electronic recycling in Fort Worth. We believe in developing a long-term relationship with the client, that’s why we focus on maximizing the value recovery of electronic waste with our customized, cost-effective, environmentally sustainable operations and processing solutions. Come with any of your requirement, and we are available to help you.

For more details about our e-waste recycling solution, feel free to consult our experts at contact us page. Call us as 469-213-7625 or send emails at info@vhtechworks.us


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