Product Destruction


Your brand’s reputation is one of the most important factors in determining the success of your company.


When the products you create end up in the wrong hands your brand’s reputation and bottom line can suffer. Product Destruction or disposal can ensure that this does not happen.


It is a must for any company whose success relies on the quality of its products.


Product destruction is the process by which the goods a company produces are destroyed or disposed of legally.


Here’s how certified product disposal works and how it can preserve your bottom line.

While there are many reasons a company may require certified product disposal services, some of the most common reasons include:


  • Ensuring prelaunch or prototype products are not circulated.
  • Getting rid of products that have expired and can no longer be sold.
  • Removing goods that have been replaced by a newer version or product line.
  • Packaging is no longer used or has been updated with a different design.
  • Confiscated products that have been court-ordered for disposal.
  • Recalled or defective products that are no longer safe to distribute.


Let us at VH Techworks secure your brand and reputation by providing documented destruction. 


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