HDD &Media Sanitization – Destruction


AT VH Techworks we know that there are two acceptable methods to sanitize media drives; one is for reuse the other intended for total elimination.


Industry analysts estimate that 80% of corporate and/or personal laptops and desktops contain sensitive data including personal names, home addresses, email addresses, home and cell phone numbers, social security numbers, credit card numbers, account numbers, passwords, and other pertinent information.


Based on customer requirement, we offer the following:


Hard Drive Destruction


Physical destruction is often the most economical means of ensuring data is not remnant on these hard drives before disposing of them.


VH Techworks ensures that physical destruction is accomplished to an extent that precludes any possible further use or data retrieval of the HDDs.The disposal requirement follows NIST SP 800 – 53.


Our process:


– Security, Documentation & Validation

  Our Technicians quarantine drives prior to shredding to ensure chain of custody. Once destruction is scheduled  pertinent information of all   drives are captured (i.e.mfg’r, technology, capacity, model number, and serial number).


– Destruction

  All drives are feed through our shedder physically destroying the media and any potential for data retrieval.


– Recycling

  All remnants of the media are recycled using R2 approved downstream.


– Reporting

  All captured media information is held as a permanent record of the transaction and available to the client(s) upon request.


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