VH Techworks is equipped with advanced state-of-the-art inventory management systems and technology-based tools & machinery. Presently, there is a high demand for our IT Asset & Disposition services in Texas. From big corporate offices to college students, everyone who wants to dispose IT products & accessories, request our services.

Being a certified service provider of ITAD in Texas, we ensure secure data disposition as well as device destruction solutions to our clients. Our efficient operation system provides a quick turnaround while reporting all received electronic equipment.

At VH Techworks, we got a team of professionals, trained and experienced in IT asset & disposition. As per your request, our technicians will reach your premise, and will initiate the process. First, the electronics scraps are inspected for specifying the value recovery amount. We quickly analyze product values, repair/remanufacture/resale opportunities, and identify product needing destruction and data erasure of sensitive information.

A detailed report including the condition of the device and budget estimate for disposition is provided on the site. After your approval only, we permanently destroy the data stored in the device by using advanced disk sanitization method. When all the data are removed, our team dismantles your device, and ensures that the data can’t be restored again.

Our IT Asset & Disposition in Texas is practiced under R2 certifications and meets the EPA standards. Whether it’s a laptop or a mobile device, we can ensure 100% device disposition without any hassle. Call us today at 469-213-7625 and request our IT Asset & Disposition in Texas.

Laptop Grading Example
  • Reuse/resale condition, Good screen, BIOS/functionality tested, includes memory & battery, may or may not include HDD.
  • Good screen, resale “condition”, may or may not have HDD, battery, or memory.
  • Good screen, missing minor components (i.e. keyboard keys, HDD cover) none to minor cosmetic damage, may or may not have HDD, battery, or memory.
  • Cracked screen, minor to average cosmetic damage, may or may not have HDD, battery, or memory.
  • Cracked screen, average to major cosmetic damage, mother board intact, no HDD, no Battery, or no memory.