Electronic Recycling Services in McAllen


Considering the increasing use of electronic equipment, we at VH Techworks are dedicated to offer electronics recycling services in McAllen. There is nothing wrong in using electronics products; however, it is very much essential to dispose them properly, when they are not usable anymore. We recommend not to pollute the environment by disposing the electronic equipment carelessly in the garbage. Simply give us a call and request our sustainable electronic recycling services in McAllen.We can dispose all of your unwanted or broken electronics including cell phones, laptops, routers, servers, printers, networking equipment, desktops, and other electronic devices in an environment friendly manner. Our recycling practices are operated under R2 certification standards and also meet EPA regulations.

Since 2014, we are offering professional electronic recycling services in McAllen and have set an excellent brand reputation in the industry. Our services are not limited to McAllen, as we cover almost every location in Texas and deliver instant on-site electronic recycling. No matter what’s the size or quantity of your wasted electronic equipment, at VH Techworks, we can dispose and recycle everything.

With our recycling services, you will not only restrict the pollution to the environment, but can also destroy your confidential information, which is stored in the device. Our process is simple and straightforward. Just call our team and ask for our electronics recycling services at your premise. As per your specified schedule, our team of technicians will arrive at your location and will initiate the inspection of used electronic equipment.

You will receive an estimate from our professionals regarding the value recovery of your wasted and out-dated equipment. After your approval only, our team will permanently destroy your data using advanced disk sanitization methods. Once all the data is removed, the device will be subjected to advanced crushing or dismantling process.

For the recycling process, we collect the dismantled pieces of your electronic gadget or device, and transport back to our warehouse. Using advanced recycling technology, we re-configure the electronic equipment, and make it usable again.

To know more about our electronic recycling in McAllen, call us at 469-213-7625 or mail us at info@vhtechworks.us.