Cell Phone Recycling Services in Texas


At VH Techworks, we offer sustainable cell phone recycling services in Texas as per customer’s demand. With years of experience in recycling electronic equipment, we have earned a good reputation in the market. Both corporate as well as commercial clients appreciate our recycling and disposition services, and accordingly demand our solutions again & again.Considering the increasing use of cell phones in today’s world, we have come up with an environment-friendly solution to dispose the used phones properly. As careless disposal of cell phones lead to higher level of toxins in the environment, it is essential to adopt sustainable cell phone recycling solutions. According to recent survey reports, around 80% of toxins in the atmosphere are generated from cell phones and other electronic gadgets.

Being a cell phone user, you must understand that the cell phone batteries contain harmful metals like zinc, cadmium, nickel, lithium, and others. All these metals are hazardous and can cause extreme damage to the environment, if not disposed securely. If you are simply throwing your old mobile phone into the garbage, then we recommend you to stop doing that.

We at VH Techworks offer professional disposition and recycling solutions for cell phones in Texas. First, we destroy the confidential information permanently, so that they can’t be restored. Once all the data are removed from the device, our technicians initiate the crushing process. With the help of advanced crushing tools, we instantly dismantle the wasted cell phone. Our dedicated team ensures that the cell phone is completely destroyed and collects the decommissioned pieces for the recycling process.

Being a trustable cell phone recycling center in Texas, our warehouse is equipped with modern machinery and tools. Our technology-based recycling process redeploys the dismantled cell phone pieces and makes it ready for use again. To raise good profit, we also re-market the cell phones in the local market.

No matter whether you want secure disposal of your old cell phone or need cell phone recycling in Texas, we at VH Techworks are always there to serve you. Call us today at 469-213-7625 and talk to our experts.


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