White Glove Services

When it comes to managing fragile electronic equipment, especially when a company has invested thousands in the equipment or has stored sensitive information on it, electronics recyclers can never be too careful during the transportation, handling, or de-installation process.

Every business should prioritize a customer’s needs, but some jobs can actually put a client’s livelihood into the hands of the business serving them.

This obligation to protect delicate cargo with the tradition of believing a customer should be treated to the fullest service possible is the principle of white glove service.

What is white glove service?

White glove service simply refers to a form of service that from start to finish emphasizes thorough oversight, meticulous attention to detail, and no tolerance for error—not that error is likely in a white glove scenario, since each step of the process of customer care is performed in a painstaking and deliberate fashion.

The provisions a white glove service business provides will exceed a client’s expectations and require very little work on the client’s part. It’s unclear where the actual term “white glove service” originated, but several similar possibilities help explain its relevance. One theory is that white gloves mirror the traditional uniform of a service industry professional who is expected to carry out attendance to go beyond what is requested while making whoever is being served feel free of burden. Another refers to an old cleaning style by which white gloves were used to prove how immaculate a cleaning job turned out. In either case, electronics recycling businesses offering white glove services are following in those same metaphorical footsteps.

Why does white glove service matter so much to electronics recyclers?

It’s one thing to ensure customer satisfaction. It’s an entirely different level of service, however, when a business is handling computer or server equipment that is not only highly valuable but also contains loads of data that could be used for nefarious purposes should that equipment be breached or stolen. Electronics recyclers should have white glove service measures in place for their de-installation, pickup, transport, reception, storage, and data shredding procedures, guaranteeing the equipment will be locked away and secured, as well as handled without damage. An electronics recycler should ensure the client has an unwavering peace of mind that the vendor they’ve chosen is fully prepared for any potential scenario involving their equipment, because nobody should worry about compromising their assets while receiving service.

White Glove Services may include:

  • Pickup & delivery
  • Value recovery of assets
  • Equipment Serialization
  • Installation / De-installation
  • Sanitization – Destruction
  • Reporting

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